Portraits of the Resistance

08 Feb 2017

Short version: If you are fighting against Trump and his policies, and want to be part of an art project, contact me at moishel@gmail.com

I’ve been feeling a little powerless lately. Maybe you feel the same.

Obviously, I want to fight against the things that our president and his associates are doing, and the things they’re planning to do, and I’ve been trying to think of healthy & productive ways to do that.

It occurred to me that we’re all resisting in our own ways, and I want to highlight the breadth not only of that resistance, but the breadth of people who are resisting. I think sometimes it’s easy to think, “oh, so and so is donating/protesting/whatever so much, I’m not doing as much, I can’t live up to that, etc.” but the way we successfully resist is not by a few people doing a lot, but by all of us doing whatever we can.

So here’s what I want to do:

If you’re resisting in any way, by writing letters or attending protests or going to town halls or donating money – I want to take your portrait. I want to publish these portraits, with a few words about how you’re resisting, and why, on social media (probably Instagram and Twitter), and on a (to be determined) site, and ultimately “in real life”, even if the physical portraits only ever hang on the walls of my office. If that’s as far as they go, and you participate, you are welcome to come to my office any time and I will make you a cup of coffee and we can look at the pictures of people who are fighting for what is right, together.

Ultimately, we will bend the moral arc back towards justice through the contributions – big and small – of thousands and thousands and thousands of people. We’re all in this together. My goal is to illuminate a small slice of the real people who are helping, and the ways they help, even – maybe especially! – if those ways are small.

One last note: to bootstrap this project, if you’re one of the first 15 people to sign up, I’ll give you a 8x10 black and white print of your portrait, printed on Ilford Galerie RC paper by Digital Silver Imaging. If it feels weird to you to just get a picture of yourself, you can chose another print from my portfolio, or I will happily take a portrait of your pets, or your kids, or whoever!

Here’s some of my better photography, with examples of human & dog portraits: http://moishe-lettvin.format.com/

I’m in Boulder, Colorado, and my office/ad-hoc studio is up in North Boulder (right by the Holiday sign). For now, I’ll be restricting this project to people who can get to North Boulder. Depending on interest I might expand it to SF and NYC in the future.

If you’re interested in being part of this, get in touch! My email is moishel@gmail.com, or you can reach me on Twitter (@moishel – DMs are open) or Facebook. My schedule is very flexible – I work from the same place I’ll be taking portraits – and I can almost certainly work around your schedule.

If you’re looking for things to do, here’s a (very very far from complete) list of charities you could donate to.


Cocoon House

CODE 2040

International Rescue Committee

International Refugee Assistance Project

The Last Mile

Natural Resource Defense Council

Planned Parenthood

Southern Poverty Law Center

Please feel free to share this widely!

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